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We do our work through four entry points, depending on the needs of our clients. We don’t have a cookie cutter approach; every situation is unique and requires customization to fit the goals and deliverables that each client needs.


Strategic and Business Planning: Our plans are grounded in reality.  We strive to collaboratively develop a plan that has well formulated strategic options, an operational roadmap and budget/forecasting and scenario planning.  Strategy without execution generally results in a binder on the shelf.


Mergers, Joint Ventures & Partnerships: Sometimes joining forces is an optimal way to move forward. We use a phased approach, starting with due diligence and ending with an integration plan, keeping in mind not just the core analytics required, but equally important attention to culture, mission, and communication style.

Financial Planning & Analysis: Sustainability is an ongoing process, not an end point. As needs change, resources shift, demand changes we work on scenario and capital planning, often through a customized financial model that allows for “what-if” analysis on multiple fronts


Leadership & Board Governance: Our team members have held both board and staff positions in organizations and understand the multiple dynamics surrounding changes in staffing, executive leadership, board development and overall governance.

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