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Our Approach & Values

Our Approach

We are not a cookie-cutter firm; regardless of the type of engagement, we customize the work plan, timeline, and facilitation for each project engagement to fit each client's needs.

We are active listeners, thoughtfully considering what is said and unsaid and incorporating feedback along the way.

We focus on data to inform decisions and on solutions that can be implemented and measured, creating and/or utilizing tools to make decisions and monitor progress.

We encourage innovation, recognizing that "failure" (within a reasonable expense budget) often leads to success and may be part of the process.

We always keep in mind our client’s bandwidth and strive to create work-plans that balance organizational capacity with the urgency of deliverables.

Our Values

Since the beginning of our careers, we have been determined to help create equity and ensure inclusion by working with organizations who serve the underserved, and strive to create opportunities and, when possible, models for system change.

We have, and will always, focus on treating everyone - clients, colleagues, funders and those they serve - with respect, empathy, and gratitude, regardless of their position, background, or areas of identity.

We have, and will always, continue to work towards elevating the voices of those who are in the room and those who are not in the room, making sure that perspectives and needs from all stakeholders are considered.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with outstanding organizations, and approach this work with gratitude, optimism, humility and respect for those who do the work and those they serve.

This is not merely a statement of how we work - this is simply who we are.

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