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Serving Nonprofits & Social Enterprises

En Pointe Consulting strives to help our clients empower and advance the communities they serve.

We share a deep commitment to creating impactful and sustainable change for those who are “marginalized,” using the broadest definition of that word. We are dedicated to working with thoughtful partners, who share our vision of a more inclusive and equitable world.

Our Principles


  • We strive to listen well, and aren’t afraid to have difficult conversations. 

  • We are collaborative - incorporating feedback along the way.

  • We are practical, focusing on solutions that can be implemented and measured.

  • We are respectful of your time and resources.

  • We encourage innovation, recognizing that “failure’” often leads to success and may be part of the process.

  • We approach this work with gratitude, optimism, humility and respect for those who do the work and those they serve.


We welcome your questions about our work and look forward to talking to you about how we might help your organization. Please email us: